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Birkat Al Awamer

Birkat Al Awamer Logistics Park is an optimal choice for businesses aiming to construct their bespoke facilities. The project provides companies the flexibility to create their showrooms, offices, and worker accommodations on the plot, with available plots ranging in size from 1000 square meters. Encompassing a vast area of 9,677,993 square meters, Birkat Al Awamer Logistics Park strategically situates itself in close proximity to key gateways like Hamad Port and Al Wakra Logistics park. Designed with precision, Birkat Al Awamer Logistics Park is tailored for the development of contemporary warehouse and workshop facilities, catering to the local market through long-term lease options extending up to 25 years. Discover unparalleled opportunities for growth and efficiency in this meticulously planned logistics hub.

Birkat Al Awamer
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Total Area (SQM)


Allocated Land Area (SQM)


Operational Units


36 KM

Away from Hamad International Airport

19 KM

Away from Hamad Port

34 KM

Away from Doha


Building materials
carpentry workshop
F&B (Storage & Processing)
Fashion & Art
General storage
Metal Workshops
Printing & Packaging


Rent rate for Logistics Plots: 20 QR per square meter per year

Rent rate for Commercial Plots: 100 QR per square meter per year

Categories and allocation fees for Logistics and Commercial plots


Allocation Fees

First Category (0 – 1,140)

200,000  QR

Second Category (1,140 – 2,500)

400,000  QR

Third Category (2,501 – 5,600)

700,000  QR

Fourth Category (5,601 – 10,600)

1,500,000  QR

Fifth Category (10,601 – 21,000)

2,500,000  QR

Sixth Category (More than 21,001)

4,500,000  QR