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Jery Al Samur

Jery Al Samur Logistics Park is dedicated to the efficient distribution of terrestrial goods and materials across Qatar and its surrounding regions. Spanning an expansive 741,380 square meters, this strategically located logistics hub is positioned adjacent to the Planned Truck Route connecting Al Rayyan and Lusail. Anticipated to emerge as a pivotal warehousing and distribution center, Jery Al Samur Logistics Park offers 30 generously-sized plots ideal for the development of contemporary warehouse facilities and workshops, catering to the dynamic needs of the local market. These plots are available for long-term leases, extending over a period of 25 years. Furthermore, the park features 11 additional plots designed for warehousing open yards, offering flexible short-term lease options ranging from 6 months to 1 year. This comprehensive approach ensures a versatile and dynamic ecosystem within Jery Al Samur Logistics Park, fostering sustainable and adaptable solutions for businesses seeking prime locations for their operations.

Jery Al Samur
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Total Area (SQM)


Allocated Land Area (SQM)


Operational Units


47 KM

Away from Hamad International Airport

71 KM

Away from Hamad Port

32 KM

Away from Doha


Building Materials
Carpentry Workshops
F&B (Storage & Processing)
Fashion & Art
General storage
Metal Workshops
Printing & Packaging


Rent rate for Logistics Plots: 20 QR per square meter per year

Categories and allocation fees for Logistics plots


Allocation Fees

First Category (0 – 1,140)

200,000  QR

Second Category (1,140 – 2,500)

400,000  QR

Third Category (2,501 – 5,600)

700,000  QR

Fourth Category (5,601 – 10,600)

1,500,000  QR

Fifth Category (10,601 – 21,000)

2,500,000  QR

Sixth Category (More than 21,001)

4,500,000  QR