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Selecting the right location for your business is pivotal for its prosperity. Located adjacent to Hamad Port and strategically positioned just 30 kilometers south of Doha, Mesaieed Industrial Zone emerges as the prime destination for various industrial sectors in Qatar, including petrochemicals, chemical fertilizers, metallurgy, workshops, and primary building materials. Encompassing an expansive 12,502,629 square meters, it stands as the ideal hub for numerous industrial enterprises. Boasting competitive rent rates, long-term lease options, immediate plot handovers, and a myriad of other incentives, Mesaieed Industrial Zone presents a compelling business solution tailored to meet your unique needs. Explore the unparalleled opportunities that Mesaieed offers for the growth and success of your business.

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Total Area (SQM)


Allocated Land Area (SQM)


Operational Units


43 KM

Away from Hamad International Airport

12 KM

Away from Hamad Port

42 KM

Away from Doha


General storage
Construction Industry
Light Industry
Steel Fabrication
Cement and Concrete


Rent rate for Industrial Plots: 10 QR per square meter per year

Rent rate for Logistics Plots: 20 QR per square meter per year

Categories and allocation fees for Logistics plots


Allocation Fees

First Category (0 – 1,140)

200,000  QR

Second Category (1,140 – 2,500)

400,000  QR

Third Category (2,501 – 5,600)

700,000  QR

Fourth Category (5,601 – 10,600)

1,500,000  QR

Fifth Category (10,601 – 21,000)

2,500,000  QR

Sixth Category (More than 21,001)

4,500,000  QR



Technical Criteria: Power supply to the factory must be of 11KV class to match the existing power distribution network. Power demand to the subject plant must not exceed the maximum demand load allocated to each plot based on the plot area size and type of industry, per the approved HV Network design. Location and selection of industrial plot for any new industry shall match with MIZ Land Use Zones such as Metals, Plastics, Chemicals, Engineering and Support Services (Aggregate – Based Construction Materials). Industrial projects with use of natural gas as a feedstock, or as a power source with excessive consumption, shall not be permitted in Light Industries Areas. Industrial projects that produce hazardous waste, liquid effluent waste, or do not meet MoE Environmental Regulations, shall not be considered. Production processes that include Cooling Water Systems shall not be considered. ​


Applications are made online through our website with attaching the required documentation. Required Documents: 1.A Valid Commercial Registration. 2.Owners' IDs. 3.Business Plan/ Feasibility study. 4.Industrial License OR Initial Approval. 5.Conceptual Site Layout. 6.Material safety data sheets. 7.Financial capacity proof to execute the project. 8.Company Profile (if applicable)


Located in Mesaieed Industrial zone, AMWAJ camp is constructed over an area of 492,000 m2 with a bed capacity of accommodating 6000 residents. AMWAJ Camp is operated in a "Motel Style", which ensures that sufficient resources are available at all times for successful delivery of high quality and standard of services. It offers many facilities such as Housekeeping, Food and Dining Facility, Laundry, Janitorial, Recreational Facilities, Retail Outlet, Training and Meeting rooms, Mosque, Medical Clinic and Mesaieed Hospital. For reservation and inquiry please contact: Mr. Eric Hellgott Tell #: +974 44912009 Fax#: +974 44912012 Email ID: eric_h@amwaj.qa Mr. Shihab Veeramkutty Tell #: +974 44912009 Fax#: +974 44912012 Email ID: veeramkutty@amwaj.qa